Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alpha 04 is out!

Ok, here's the latest version of the alpha.  Please, if you need help installing it there is a readme.txt file in the rar that will explain it.

This version is a much "cleaner" version of alpha 3.  A lot of the graphics have been fixed, along with the costs and abilities.  The main thing to look at is that the "End Game" has been put in.  The Earth Federations design works like this.  

The player chooses EF.  As he starts getting his base defenses built up and his early forces are being used to grab and hold terrain he will be faced with a choice.  The choice is which time line does he wish to follow for Gundam Development.  He can go with AC which follows the original gundam series through GP03's development, UC which follows the Zeta Gundam, or SEED timeline which follows the, well, SEED gundam units lol.  At the end of each of the timelines the final Gundam unit will have an upgrade option avalible.  Project Meteor.  Once this is researched you can build a Project Meteor research station in one of the Tiberium Fields under your control.  This is a heavly armored research center (that is also always stealthed) that builds Wing Zero and Deathscythe.  These 2 final units are extremly powerful and very very fast.  

After this I hope to be able to start on the SEED timeline as I think that the AC timeline will pretty much be done.  Things WILL change so don't worry, just because this unit has this ability now doesn't mean it won't change, I just mean that I plan on working on continuing the work of adding units in instead of focusing on fine tuning what is already there.  

Here is the Rapidshare and Mediafire links.


SilverDevil said...

can't use the good stuf becouse i need gdi upgrades

Azuza K said...

Yes we noticed that the GDI/Scrinn/NOD upgrades are all missing atm. It appears to have happened when I placed the EF Spellbook into the game, it is something we are looking at.

However all of the EF upgrades are fully functioning as long as you do not pick the Archangel or Argama. Thank you for your comment.

SilverDevil said...

thanx now i can use them only a bit difficult to find the upgrades