Monday, February 15, 2010

A new week, a new verison of the Mod!

Here is the 5th alpha of the Xenoforce Reborn mod.  We have added another few new toys for the UC player to have in the form of power-drops.  These are things that were not in the original mod for the most part, and the models may look a bit odd, but they work for what they are entended to do.

Changes -

GunSniper is now the proper color.

Added the White Dingo kill squad as a support drop - (3 powerful gun-snipers that are white and bear the insignia of the White Dingos)

Added the Gundam Murdock support squad drop - (2 RGM-79 Squads, 2 Gun-Cannons, and the Gundam Murdock drop)

Added Blue Destiny Gundam - This unit is super-powerful melee based unit.  It glows with a berserker power that after a minute on the battlefield causes the unit to explode (so don't expect it to be sticking around long).

Increased cash from Resource Pylon to 750

Added cash revenue from White Base when landed.

Now you only can use these powers when the White Base is in the Air, so you have to actually balance between having it produce Gundams and money and being a mobile command fortress that can drop support units in.

This is a stop-gap update as we plan on having another update later this week adding a good chunk of the Gundam SEED side into the game.

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