Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alpha 0.7A released!

Alpha 7 is now done!  There are some new changes that have happened along with the things I mentioned that would be done.

First of all the changes to UC help them hold the line.

UC - 

Added Mobile Repair Ball to UC

Added Artillery Pad Lvl 2 to UC

Added Anti-Air System Lvl 2 to UC

Now for the change to Earth Federation.

All buildings now have deployment animations.

Changed the Space Port building to something that looks more advanced.

Changed the G-Falcon to a type of Blackhawk Helecopter.

Finally the changes to SEED

Added Gundam Justice

Added Gundam Strike Freedom

Now for the more important things.  All of the requirements and the discriptions should now be correct.  Also a lot of the weapons and costs have been rebalanced.  The Gundam units from SEED now have Phase Shift Armor, which makes them immune to all weapons except for Beam Weapons.  On that note, Beam Weapons are now their own type, making the game a bit more interesting on that note.  Once the Phase Shift Armor has taken enough damage the units will revert back to normal and can be harmed like anything else (Basically the Phase Shift Armor is a type of Shield that protects against everything except Beam Weapons).

The Gundam Freedom unit is an amazing unit.  It is very powerful that has 2 abilities.  The first activates the DRAGOON system, giving you 8 attack drones.  While in the DRAGOON system is activated if one is destroyed it is replaced in 10 seconds.  The other ability is the activation of the Phase Shift Armor.  Once the drones are out you can switch to Phase Shift and they will still be out, they just won't get replaced as they are destroyed.  However the Phase Shift does take a full minute to reactivate so you can't just swap between the 2 powers on a whim.

The Justice Gundam is a different story.  It's a melee air unit.  However the model itself needs some work.  If its shield is up the model does some weird things.  Still, it works.  Also while it can destroy most air units in a few hits (except for other Gundams) it has problems hitting moving targets.  We still have to do some work on it, but it's getting there.  

Another new change is the defenses.  UC has a lot of defenses to choose from, they have the basic anti-ground turret, the baracks, the basic anti-air turret, the basic artillery platform, the advanced anti-ground turret, the advanced artillery platform, and the advanced anti-air site.  SEED on the other hand only has the basic Anti-ground, basic Anti-air, and the baracks.  Doesn't seem fair does it?  Oh wait, whats this?  When you choose Gundam SEED timeline these 3 basic defenses get a 50% boost to their health now!  That defiantly helps make these defense go the extra yard.

Oh, and we finally added the INI:Faction that was missing under the army selection part.  So now it says Earth Federation, cool huh? :p 

Well, all and all, some may be disappointed in this release as it is mostly a cosmetic fix.  Still it is a very important one.  I would suggest giving the Scrinn a go on Hard on a 8 player map.  They will definatly be a challenge, especially to SEED.  But then again Justice and Strike Freedom will make a huge difference against them, it may be the tipping point.

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Zenas said...

Keep up the good work! I can't wait till the final product.

Azuza K said...

Thanks, we are happy with the way it is working out so far. The real challenge will be once the other armies are in the game.

Anonymous said...

Do the factions one at a time. I t would be cool to get a neutral structure that produces gundams once captured so I could be NOD and be able to put up a fight against the Earth Federation.

Gareth said...

so when will the Macross Faction be complete?

Azuza K said...

As far as gdi and nod building gundams, if you want to do this all you have to do is capture a resorce pylon. A tactic i see a lot is EF players building lots of unprotected pylons for the cash that are easily able to be captured or destroyed.

We are not putting macross into the game, we will be swapping them out for Robotech. The Robotech faction is set for the 3rd faction to be done (ie after Zeon).

Gareth said...

Macross/Robotech Robotech/Macross eh who cares once I get to see some sweet Veritechs and the SDF-1 in C&C3 i will be happy.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching mobile suit gundam when I was younger. Since I am familiar with it I usually pick that time-line.

Anonymous said...

will destiny gundam and gundam 00 added?