Monday, June 28, 2010

Redesigning SEED, more Xenoforce Reborn Video-casts, and an important question.

First, real quick, Doug has posted a few more video responses to what everyone has been saying about the mod. Very good stuff, I love these types of questions guys.

UC units with a second chance!

Better understanding why UC is UC.

Now, right now we are in the middle of discussing Gundam SEED and redesigning the layout so that SEED will feel "better" than it currently does. Honestly, while SEED isn't bad, it just doesn't have the polish that UC and AW have in terms of development. So, since we're working on fixing a lot of the models right now for UC (trying to get the game to let their torso's twist so they can fire and move at the same time) we've decided to go back and give SEED the proper ammount of attention it deserves. With that said, that puts a lot on the table for Alpha 9 to get done before Alpha 9 is released.

The way Alpha 9 is comming, these are the changes that I would do before releaseing it. We would redesign and implement the new design for SEED, we would adjust every model already in the game for fixing the ability to move/fire at the same time as well as fixing the units reaction time/animations when firing. We would implement the Unit Experience System (so units will gain experience for killing stuff). Artimis's building would be resized, and the special effect for the Artimis Shield around the buildings would be changed to make it much better. The Defensive Turret system would get a total-rehaul, giving a few more options to players on what to build and when they are buildable and who can build them.

And thats just off the top of my head. Obviously if I do wait to release Alpha 9 once all that is done we're looking at months of work here and it will be awhile.

So my question is this. Would you guys rather have less, bigger updates or more, smaller updates? Please leave a responce to the question, and after I hear from you guys on the issue we will look at a release timeline for stuff. Keep in mind, if you are actually logged in when you "vote" then your vote will count for more in my mind then an annonymous vote. A name does make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Bigger Update of course ^_^

Zenas said...

I think bigger updates are more efficient. Smaller updates might slow the progress down in my opinion.