Sunday, June 20, 2010

Round 2 of the Alpha 8.

Ok guys, here we go again. Sorry for the one upload connection, my internet is acting badly today so this is all I was able to upload. Here is the Alpha 8 mod.

Mediafire :

Doug has done a few more videos for everyone to enjoy.

And here is the list of changes to the game between the old and the new Alpha 8.

Fixed discriptions on almost everything.
Fixed requirements on everything, now it's clear what is needed to get different units.

Fixed RGZ91's Command Set.

Fixed GP03's rocket pod attack from 4 seconds to 40 seconds.

Fixed button icons for a few untis.

Fixed Artimis! Now the Artimis system for SEED does 3 important things.
1. Artimis is used to research the launcher packs for the Phantom Team units.
2. Artimis is used to call in the Arc Angel, which is used to build Gundams.
3. Artimis is used to call up the Shield Generator System. This grants a shield to every non-defensive building on your side, giving them much more life.

Fixed the Arc Angel. Now when you deploy it it lands from space and takes a full 30 seconds from when it starts its landing until it actually is useable. The reason for the delay is because of the Arc Angel Bomb that people were doing, using it to just wipe out the enemy. This gives the enemy a chance to at least respond to it before it becomes a true threat to them.

A few other balancing issues were done also.

Enjoy the mod guys. I'm gonna take a break (lol) from coding for the next few days before jumping into some other stuff. Alpha 9 will bring a few more interesting twists to the game, and then if nothing pops up we will be off to a new faction!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Can't wait to try it

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Can't wait to try it

Anonymous said...

Is in this update include hi-nu gundam?

smoth said...

Interesting, I am very pleased with what you did with the gp02. Was pretty cool.

Outside of obvious "description missing" stuff..

White base only has 1 of it's thrusters lit.

T61 doesn't point the right direction when firing.

(I was a little sad to see you had not added my models yet)

Since the factory now morphs based on the time line. It would be pretty cool if you put the right logo on the top, that way the player knows if he got around to morphing his factory, the enemy can scout and get an idea of what time line the player chose.

Recolor the rgm79(g) to green, stretch the machinegun an use that to replace the ez-8, feel like a horrible cock tease to see a unit I know will be taken out of the TC.

I understand you cannot scale everything up but maybe scale the t61 to 75% and the mechs to about 2x? so that they feel like mechs(except gp03) and not big infantry?

Azuza K said...

Thanks for your comments guys. As for the T61 tank not pointing the right direction when firing, again I have not noticed this myself and have not been able to reproduce the effect. I will keep looking into it, it seems very odd that so many people are commenting about this issue and I can't find it. I may just go back and recode the tank from scratch and see if that fix's the issue.

As for your comments Smoth, again thanks, and I do like your ideas. I planned on replacing the War Factory model kind of like you suggested, only in a different way. You guys will see, it's on the list for the next release to replace a few of the building models with something that looks much better. If I don't get to it, I may just slap a flag on the war factory or something like you suggested.

Anonymous said...

is there going to be an upgrade for the power plants

Anonymous said...

New building is very good, hoped you can make it better (mainly, the base and powerplant because those two is very weird)

Anonymous said...

Will gundam 00 and macross frontier add to this mod?

Azuza K said...

Macross will not at this time be in the mod, as for gundam 00 well we have the model now, I just need to come up with a good way to implement it.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-color the psyco gundam to black? purple color are psyco gundam mkII also if it possible, re-made model of guncannon, guncannon mass product, guncannon heavy arm.