Sunday, August 29, 2010

I promised more information.

So here it is.  I've got 3 pics to show you guys today.  These are the latest designs we have come up with for the SEED unit layout.  Unlike UC where as you go through the game you unlock more units and lock out older ones SEED will have no lock out units.  This will make SEED more of a snapshot in time type of setup vrs UC's a history lesson of the gundams.

Keep in mind that every unit you see on these charts will not nessisarily be in the game.  For instance, I really think I may skip the Abyss gundam simply because the current maps that have water on them are waterlocked (IE even if you have a unit that can swim you can't swim on them thanks to the maps design) and that makes the unit pretty much useless.  

So here are the pics.  Feel free to comment.  And maybe you'll realize as you do look at what we plan on adding to the setup and what's changed to SEED just why it's taking so long to do lol. :)


Anonymous said...

How about calamity, forbidden and gaia?

Blitz and duel gundam never used by Earth Alliance maybe you should change it to Nero Blitz and Blu Duel:

Anonymous said...

No................. no freedom please... add it to the mod

Azuza K said...

You are correct in your statement that Blitz and Duel were never used by Earth Alliance. However, they were MADE by Earth Alliance, and are Earth Alliance Gundams, that's why they will be there.

I am sorry if it upsets some people, but the Earth Alliance never used nor did they have any hand in the construction of the Freedom Gundam. While this is true, we're not ruling the Freedom Gundam out at the moment, it's just not going to be a BUILDABLE, normal SEED Earth Alliance unit. We should never have put it in where we did, but at the time we were very limitied on our models and what we could do with them, and the Freedom was one of the few that we did have.

As for the Neo Blitz and Blu Duel, again, I don't have the models for these units. Also, if you look at what we are adding INTO SEED you will see quite a few units. Is the Neo Blitz and Blu Duel really needed considering what they are getting?

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna add another faction (like Zaft, Orb etc) beside zeon and robotech on the future?

Azuza K said...

We could, its always a possibility, but a more likley senario is us using them as a special reinforcement power. Like I said, we are still kicking this stuff around, I just wanted to get your guys reactions to what we are planning.

Anonymous said...

No, don't lock the Abyss gundam, it's one of my favorite suits

Azuza K said...

Ok, but other than it being your favorite unit, what's the point? If it can't go in the water there is no point in it's transformable mode (which turns it into a sub) and if it doesn't transform it's just another high-end gundam thats really not needed in the game.

That's what I'm honestly looking at. If you can give me a good reason to keep it in I am all for considering doing it. I honestly don't know a whole lot about the Abyss Gundam, just what I have read online.

Anonymous said...

Abyss can launch multi-lock attack like freedom, It's transform mode can used in space too

Azuza K said...

When you say multi lock attack, do you mean it can attack multible units at once? As for the also in space point, that doesn't do us any good as the game is land based, not space based and I can't in good judgement just let it transform and fly around like that.

teamwindom00 said...

abyss isnt just one more unit,
its one of the 3 main bad guys of seed destiny, removing it will
more likely disapoint fans.

Keep it, does it slow the the game? no, is it so hard to add one more unit? no. More gundam their is, the more gundam fans will identify their persona . Thats basic video game fan service knowledge.

Even if not of a big use, its the choice of wether choosing the gundam or not that is important, it makes the game much more immersive.

Im just trying to convince you as a modder.

I you do make a good alpha or beta soon. I want to promote your game in my gundam forum. You can only win when it comes to adding gundam.
Its also adding fans.

thanks for reconsidering.

-ur fan.

Azuza K said...

Lol, Ok, a few things to say about all that.

When it comes to that list that we have up there, you need to keep the following in mind. We don't have all of those models right now, we have some of them but not all. And there are only truly 2 people on the mod team working on this. We have gotten quite a few donations from fans of models they would like to see in the game, which is what has allowed us to get this far in the game, but in the end it's still only me and Dougbendo working on it.

So adding just 1 more unit to the game could be an issue considering that I am not that good at 3D modeling. Sure, I can do some stuff, but making things from scratch isn't that easy for us at the moment.

Also, when we add a unit into the game, what exactly do we want to effect to be? Do you really want the Abyss Gundam in the game so that people will go "Crap, he's attacking me with 12 dagger l's and 3 gundams" or "Crap, he's attacking me with 12 dagger l's, abyss gundam, and freedom gundam!".

If we just put it in for it to be there, we'll have the first effect. What I'm looking for is for the 2nd one. When we found out that you could actually use water on the game then we figured it would be an easy choice. Now that we found that yes, you can use water, but the map has to let you, well, not so much.

That's why I posted up those plans, and why I asked for more info on the Abyss Gundam. I want to keep it in too, I'm the one that suggested that we put it in to begin with lol. But if I can't make the unit unique (I really don't want it just to be a generic gundam with an odd shape) then I may just forget the idea.

SO, after all that has been said, is there any other comments to be had about the Seed design? Do you guys think it will work? Or is it too much?

Anonymous said...

are u planning add more unit to AW?

Azuza K said...

We are, but we havn't really gotten into the discussions about which ones and how the set up will be. With AW we're trying to make a very simplistic setup compared to the other 2 factions so we don't know exactly how it's going to work yet. But we are planning on fleshing AW out more.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Chaos: High Attack Power (Attack-Orientated MS)
- Control Pod (release 2 pods and attack the target)
- Transform (transform to MA)

Gaia: High Speed (Speed-Orientated MS)
- Transform (transform to Quadruped mode)
- beam assault cannon ( attack with 2 MA-81R beam assault cannon)

Abyss: High Defense (Defense-orientated MS)
- Style Switcher ( can switch between ranged to melee and vise versa )
- All-Out Attack (Attack with all weapon at once)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you recruit more members to your mod team? That's make the project finish easier and quicker right?

ryan said...
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Azuza K said...

More people would make things possibly easier, but then again it could possibly make things much harder. The more people that have a say in something the greater the chance that there will be a disagreement. A lot of mod teams start out with grand ideas but fall very quickly due to the fact that they can't agree on simple things.

As it is now, it may be slow going at times, but with it just being me and Dougbendo we have complete control of our project. Me and Doug have been friends for a very long time and we both have a lot of mutual respect for each other. Even when we disagree on something, we bounce the idea back and forth until we can come to an agreement (unless we're talking about the NOD Beam tank. Only thing we can agree with on that thing is it sucks lol).

The simple point is, the more people that have their hands in the pot the greater the chance that something go's wrong. Again, I really REALLY appreciate every person who plays these alphas, you guys are our quality control and our playtesters. You tell us what's wrong and why. Overall I believe this leads to a better experience all around.

Also, please remember that this IS an alpha. Most of what we're doing here is for proof of concept reasons. We really want to get the gameplay down before getting all the pretty bells and whistles done. So again, please bear with any graphical imperfections (like horrible looking walking animations on some of the more advance units. I just can't seem to get walking down some times on some units....) but as long as they don't adversly effect the game they'll probably not be very high up on the to do list. :(

teamwindom00 said...

you guys stay solid, dont accept more staff, it never work , got it?

ok for the abyss, i guess you have your reasons. still, good luck!