Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some pics of the new Scrin Design.

So again, I had promised a few pics of some of the changes to the armies.  I decided to do a post for each of the 3 armies, here are some pics of the new Scrin changes.

The biggest thing to note here is all the icons under the Defense Tab.  The Scrin no longer have defenses that are buildable on their own.  Instead, they have a Generals Style powers tab that you can pick 7 of the 12 powers to apply to their army instantly.  The 3 rows are Defenses/Offenses/Tactics respectivly.  

Defensive powers are System Shields (turns on the shields), Infantry Mines (allows certain infantry units to turn themselves into landmines.  When the mines go off the infantry reapear), Blink Packs (allows some units to teleport around the map) and Living Armor (many high end Scrin units will now heal automatically when not fighting).

Offensive powers are Tiberium Laced Weapons (some units can use tiberium as ammo to make their weapons deal more damage), Mothership Deployment (allows you to deploy the Mothership), Rift Generator Deployment (allows you to build the Rift Generator), and Prototype Technology (many units gain power powerful weapons to use instead of their normal ones when this is used).

Finally we have Tactics.  These are basically different special powers that you can use.  They are Tiberium Scan, which now is able to be used the moment the scan wears off, Phase Shift which can now work on both your units and your enemies units as a way to sort of "put them off" for a moment until you can deal with them, Wormholes which now last forever (you can destroy a wormhole by simply shooting at it instead of moving to it, but wormholes are really only affected by BEAM weapons), and a new power called Nightmare Pulse.  The Nightmare Pulse forces all enemy infantry units to become surpressed for a full minute, helping you if your enemy is moving in with a large force of infantry by effectivly stopping them in their tracks.

But that's not all, many units themselves are different.  Again for example, what you see in one of the pics is me having 10 explorers built in my base.  The explorer now generates a randomly moving Ion Storm that comes and go's as it pleases.  This just adds a little random chaos and fun to things, don't you think?  Take a look at the pics and tell us what you think!

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