Friday, August 27, 2010

It's been awhile

Just wanted to let everyone know that we're not dead, we're still here working on the mod lol.

It's been a busy last few days, but we've pretty much got everything for the original 3 armies set.  There have been a lot of changes done to these armies and I'm very interested to see how things work out in the end.

Within the next few days I'll post some new pics to give everyone an idea.  We've stuck to our original guns, there are NO new units in the game for the original armies.  Well, not really.  Ok, so technically there are a few new units, but they are more like different versions of the exsisting units with different weapon payloads.

My favorite unit so far is definatly been the Stormsmoke Orca.  It's more expensive than the normal orca, but unlike the normal Orca who's main weapon are the Shriker Missles and has an anti-infantry 50 cal machine gun for secondary uses this thing has 2 45MM cannons on it which unload a ton of weak, but effective, shots upon ground targets and has hellfury missles for it's secondary weapon, which are used against air untis.  Now the major difference here is the Stormsmoke Orca doesn't have to go back to base to reload, giving GDI a unit that can effectivly stay out in the field during fights and give the GDI forces some much needed ground support. 

When we finally do come out with the next version of the alpha, and it should be soon, there will be a very long list of changes that I'll have to go over.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, have a good one guys and I'll go work on getting some pics taken for the next update.


Anonymous said...

what faction will u work on next

Azuza K said...

Well, that depends on what you mean. Our current release schedual/time frame works out like this.

Finish original 3 factions by monday.

Finish redesign of basic EF base layout by Sept 10th

Finish redesign of Gundam SEED by Sept 24th

Do code cleanup and release Alpha 9 mod by Oct 1st.

After that, if everything go's well, we will be moving on to the Invid next. The Invid will be a very nice change of pace and are important for 2 reasons.

1, The Invid are the EXACT opposite of the EF. By that I mean that the Earth Federation is honestly 3 armies in one, and is very complicated in its design and layout. The Invid on the other hand are a very simple and straight forward army, I personally think they will be easier than our current Scrin design.

2. By getting the Invid into the game we hope to show the Robotech fans out there that we're not BSing them when we say this is a crossover mod that will include both Gundam factions and Robotech factions. Up to this point we've only shown and worked on the Gundam stuff, and we need to have a showing of both universes to give players a feel of what really is to come.

Don't hold me to this time table as it is very subject to change. Also, if I have time I plan on going back and redoing some of the stuff in AW as well, I'm a bit better at my modeling abilities then I was when we first did AW and I would like to add actual different types of land bases into the mix for the AW player to have access to.

teamwindom00 said...

all i say is; good luck guys,
especially knowing how fun the game a modder, i say u guys are doing pro work...ur alpha version still needs to be corrected, it has too many glitches...but as a player, i say : i just cant wait much longer, i know u guys need time/... BUT DONT MAKE THE FANS WAIT TOO LONG!! ^^

that covers it all,see u next time!

teamwindom00 said...

ps: please clarify more about the new stuff...give us a list, will it have gundams? how much?

when is the release?

Anonymous said...

have y'all fixed the gundam ai? Cause I think it'd be cool if I could actually play against them instead of them just sitting there and not building anything

Anonymous said...

okay so the reason u choose the invid is because theres more ground units over the other two robotech factions

Azuza K said...

Lol, ok, I'll break this up into 3 sections.

We'll start with the question as to why we have chosen Invid for our next addition. The reason why is simple, out of all of the armies that we are putting into the game the Invid will be the easiest and most straight forward to implement, not only from a player standpoint but also from an AI standpoint.

This brings me to the next point, AI. No, the EF will not have it's AI in the next version of the mod. Modifying an exsisting AI is pretty simple to do (the new Scrin army has a new AI type called Xenoforce that uses the new upgrade system, and it's actually very tough to play against). Adding a whole new AI in is much harder, and on top of that the EF is a VERY complicated army so I don't know about getting that AI to work. It's something we really want to do but as the EF stands now it won't be done anytime soon. We're still learning about how to get the AI to work and stuff from a "unit does this, or unit builds this upgrade" standpoint. At the moment we havn't figured out how to get the AI to build an upgrade thats on a unit, and until we do we can't go forward with the EF AI.

Finally, when it comes to the changes/addition list I will post that on Monday when I post up the pics of some of the changes. It's pretty big especially when it comes to what we plan to add to SEED. However, keep in mind that any list that I put up is still up for change, meaning that just because I mention it now doesn't mean it will make the cut on the next release.

As for the bugs that have been mentioned, yes there are a lot of graphical bugs / animations that are not in the game yet. That's one of the major reasons that we call this an Alpha. Still, as time go's on we hope to add things like damage states and better build animations to the game.

If you guys come across any actual bug/glitches please feel free to email me/post it up! For example, I didn't know about the invincible units bug on alpha 8 until after I released it. It just never popped up on my test games. Then, the day after release, it showed up out of nowhere on me in major force. Apparently others had been seeing this bug for awhile but no one ever mentioned it to me assuming I already knew about it.

So I would appreciate any bugs you see/find. Even if its things like "Your discription here is wrong" or "you misspelled this" those things help.

Thanks guys for your input.

teamwindom00 said...

count on us, you have my support.