Friday, December 17, 2010

Armored and Stark Jegan

I've managed to get the Armored Jegan and Stark Jegan into the game. The difference between these two units actually go's past the typical "weapon swap" considering they are both based on the same unit. So I felt this was a good time to talk about the Teir 5 units and why Teir 5 really is the pinical of UC tech. Some of these units are also Teir 4 units but are still avalible in Teir 5.

The RVC-1 Guntank II is more of a mobile vehicle than a mobile suit. It is equipped with an assortment of weaponds and it's primary purpose is long range artillery support. However due to it's heavy weapons and armor its a very slow unit making it more useful for base defense rolls.

The GM-III is the typical frontline unit for Teir 4 and 5. Its equipped with a standard Beam Rifle and has decent armor. It's cost is only slightly higher than the original GM's but it's speed, armor, and firepower all range between 20% to 35% higher.

The Armored Jegan is long range artillery support. It is equipped with 2 powerful beam cannons and is heavily armored so it can take quite a hit before sucumming to enemy fire. It's firepower is roughly equivilent to the GMC-83 GM Cannon II, and it's not quite as tough armor wise, but it's speed is much faster making it easier to deploy on the battlefield.

The Stark Jegan is quick response firepower able to move as fast the RGZ91 in Waverider Mode. Power wise it's able to release a massive amount of kenetic damage against an enemy target with it's hyper bazooka and missle loadout. However, it's speed and firepower are offset by it's basic armor, so it's not able to last long in a fight.

The RGZ91 is a very powerful mass production unit. It's equipped with a rapid fire beam rifle and it is a heavily armored unit. It's main advantage is that is can switch at will between mobile suit mode and waverider mode. In Waverider mode it gains more speed and missile pods but is much more fragile to incomming fire. It is however a very expensive unit.

And there you have it. Thats a rundown of Teir 5's suits. I know some of you may be going "oh gee, 5 suits? Thats it?" Well, yea pretty much. But you also get Nu Gundam along with any other suits that you've got left over from previous teirs (time to pull those old RGM79's out of retirement and put them into the field). On top of that you have the air units still avalible (which will be getting an overhaul before the release next week) and the basic vehicles that EF gets (so that's the Jeep, Colony Defense Tank, Missile Truck, and T61 Tank). Honestly, that should be enough don't you think?

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