Saturday, December 4, 2010

New ideas for EF/UC

So the votes are in and for the next month we will be working on finishing UC up.  This means code cleanup, new sounds (hopefully), damage effects for the units, weapon balancing, these kinds of things.

In the last few days I have been working on the new turret system for some of the units.  I have also been working on making each unit even more unique (lets be honest, some times units really feel like the same thing don't they?).

For example, we have how many long range/artillery units in UC?  Well, in timelines 1 and 2 we have the GM Sniper, the GM Cannon 80, the GunCannon RX77D,  and the GunTank Mass Production!  Thats over 50% of their forces consisting of artillery units, that's quite a bit.  So what did I do?  I added another one in of course.

So this is how it's going now, a breif description of how each of the artillery units will be different/used differently.

The Guntank MP is equipped with 2 120mm long range cannons.  It's long range helps keep it well out of enemy range, but it does take a bit of time to reload.  It's also equipped with a secondary weapon, machine guns on it's arms, to help protect it from enemy infantry that could try to flank the artillery.

The GM Cannon (RGC80) is equipped with a single 240mm cannon.  But, due to the cannons shorter barrel it is not as accurate and requires the unit to be closer to the target to use.  Also, because this weapon is mounted on a normal GM body, the unit is fragile.  However, it is also very cheap and easy to produce, and it can pack quite a punch.

The GM Gunsniper has been modified to a new setup, one that I think makes the unit a lot more effective and useful.  Now the unit is stealthed at all times except when firing it's weapon.  However, the unit can not fire until it is in deployed mode.  It works a lot like the GDI Rig in this fashion.  However, it has great range and with the proper deployment these guys can make great "stepping stones" for the enemy to have to go through when deployed in a forward sense.

The RX77D Guncannon is a much more heavily armored unit when compaired to the GM Cannon RGC80, and comparison is in order here.  The unit is equipped with the same weapon as the RGC80, but it has 2 of them instead of the RGC80's one.  However it's cost is greatly increased, so while have some of these guys mixed in to your forces makes good sence trying to build a huge army of just these guys will drive you bankrupt quite easily.

The other teir 2 unit is the GM Sniper 2.  Compared to the original GM Sniper, this one is equipped with a normal kenetic based rifle.  It however still has amazing range, stealth, and can pack quite a punch.  It does not however require deployment to be used, so in this sense it's a lot like a normal unit with a powerful rifle which, in the end, is exactly what it is.

In the 3rd Teir you gain access to the GM Cannon 2.  This unit is very expensive, but is very powerful.  It is a GM Custom unit with Gundam Alex's extra armor making it a tough unit and is equipped with 2 powerful beam cannons.  Now the key thing to this unit is that when the GM Cannon 2 is killed what actually happens is that the GM Cannon sheds its outer armor and cannons reverting to a GM Custom unit.

Teir 4 has the Guntank 2, a traditional artillery unit.  The Guntank 2 has 2 recoiless 120mm cannons that allow it to fire in a much quicker sucession than the original Guntank.  Also, the Guntank 2's secondary weapons are now rocket/missile tubes allowing this unit the ability to deal with enemy mecha as they get closer to it easier.

Arguably also Teir 4 has the Super Gundam which is equipped with a powerful long range beam rifle, so you could consider it artillery also.

Teir 5 is the only teir that doesn't have any artillery in it, but does it really need it?  I didn't think so either. 


Live2Reap said...

I like these ideas, though I'd still like to see something other than the ball being used as the repair unit but oh well. All in all these are some pretty sweet changes for my favorite faction.

I posted an idea I had on the forums a few days ago that I never got any response on btw, just wondering if it got read.

Azuza K said...

I read your suggestions. From what I gathered by 0093 (the 5th teir) the RX178 was abandoned and no longer in use. thats why we have it only avalible in the 4th teir (0087). Still, it's fesible that we may change it, we just need a good reason to have it that way that I currently am not seeing.

Live2Reap said...

RX-178? I suggested adding the Big Tray(the land battleship). It could function much like a GDI battle base rig. You could limit the number of them allowed on the battlefield to to maybe 2 or 3 and have the price high enough to keep them from being abused. From a reasoning point of view they were used in most of the Earth Federation's major land offensives as a command ship, and as far as I can tell they were used up until about U.C 0081 so they could be used in the 1st and 2nd Tiers.

Anything to replace the ball would be nice really.

Tri-Edge94 said...

I was thinking the Big Tray is a good idea and i was the one that suggested a form of catapult maybe you could implement that into the big tray? idk lol but i was going to suggest when zeon is up and running or when the Earth Federation has an AI or even now for multiplayer games you could make the gundams catchable like when a batlle mech is destroyed it can b recovered by a mechanic i tihnk that would b rly cool and would make sense cus during the UC both sides would capture mobile suits like when the EF would catch a jaku or gelgoog they would b painted in white n blue or so on idk if you can make it change color but i tihnk it would b a good feature to add into the mod even for gundam X and gundam seed (btw sry for spelling errors its late and im tired lol)

Azuza K said...

Tri you don't have to post here and on Mod DB I do check both areas regularly lol. (more often Moddb than here though, this is now more for general information and new ideas that I am trying)