Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New ability discovered.

So I just figured out how to properly use different models dependant on their damage states, along with different movement animations.  While this is quite cool, what I wanted to do with this new ability isn't possible. 

See, I was trying to get the units to lose limbs as they take damage.  Spicificly, I was trying to get the Powered GM to lose an arm after it takes X ammount of damage.  I was able to pull this off, except for 1 issue.  If I did the animation of the arm blowing off then every time the unit stopped moving it would redo this animation (not what I was going for).  If I didn't do this the arm would simply disappear, which wouldn't look right to me. 

So I ask you guys, what would you suggest?  Right now all I've done is add a sort of "wobbly" effect to the unit when it starts or stops moving, but that doesn't seem to be enough to show "damaged" to me.  I really don't just want to do a "texture" swap with damage on it, that's lame considering the possibilities of being able to swap the entire model out.  I'm gonna try adding damage wires and stuff to the model and see what that looks like, but any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

each time the mechs takes damage, instead of losing an arm, just make some "shards" of metal "explode" ...know what i mean?