Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hmmm maybe thats why the AI doesn't care?

I've started work again on the mod this evening and am working on a few new things for the next release.

First of all we're working on NOD. Nod is almost where I personally want it. There are some things though that need to be rebalanced on their unit end, to be more specific the way Flame units work. When we originally designed flame weapons we were planning on making them NOD's answer to beam sabers and melee based units. That however is no longer the case and these weapons need to fill a new roll.

Also we're looking at the Avatar and the Purifier. These two units are very unique in that NOD does use Mecha Technology but does not use much of it. Why? Because these two units are supposed to be all they need to deal with up to teir 3/4 Mecha units along with being strong enough to deal with teir 3 vehicles. (Keep in mind, a teir 3 vehicle like a tank is equivalent to a teir 5 mecha, I know it's hard to understand but it works for us lol). So these guys need to be worked on.

But here is the kicker. We're finally finishing the Liquid Tiberium Bomb. We've turned this weapon into a 10 stage (yes, 10 stages!) weapon that no longer adversely hurts NOD. In fact with this design of the weapon its launching is all part of NOD's grand plan of Tiberium Radiation and they have not only innoculated their infantry so that the radiation will have positive effects/mutations on them but they have designed their vehicles with radiation trappers to help focus the released energy into their weapons AND crystalline trappers on their structures granting free resources for every structure on the field. In short this new design is all about NOD WANTING to drop it and everyone else wanting them DEAD so it doesn't happen.

But that's not what this post is about. While working on the LTB I saw something on the upgrades template that caused me to go "no wonder the AI doesn't use some upgrades".


Yea..... I don't know how I missed that line of code but I have it on every UC upgrade that I put in. I just removed it and am running tests now to see if the AI now actually upgrades the units. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants if all of my messing in the AI Scripts to fix it and it had nothing to do with the AI Scripts, it was in the upgrade templates?

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Well that explains a little. Hope it works