Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, how plans change....

So we're almost ready for our next release and are getting ready for our internal test phase. But there are some things that turned out differently than we originally planned.

For example our original idea for the Colony hasn't turned out the way we expected. Right now it's about 80% of what we were going to do. We were going to have husks laying around after the fall and that just isn't going to happen at this point. It's simply causing major issues with the damage and spawn code to add that one more thing in. So our solution has been to make the Colony that drops into a husk that will give you a bonus if you capture it. Whats the bonus? We haven't figured that out yet, but we will give you guys something awsome to make it worth wild. (honestly we do have an idea but I don't want to say it, I want people to play and figure it out. Trust me, you'll want this and you WON'T want your enemy to get this.)

Another thing that we've got going that isn't exactly what we planned is the Sat Cannons. We DID get the "phase of the moon" system up and running which is great. Unfortunatly we were not able to get it to only fire the sat cannons at Rank 4 (lame I know). However again there is a limit in there, albeit not one we wanted. Apparently while it works great the Sat Cannons can only be fired once (what?) Thats right, you get a single shot in that window and then the Sat Cannon will not fire again. While it's not the limiter we wanted it is one that works so thats what we are going to go with.

Finally we're having an issue with the "Unlimited Vision" upgrade. As in for some weird reason it isn't working. We wanted to have a power that when you activate it you can see everything on the map for a very short amount of time. We were just going to take the GDI vision power and increase the radius and call it a day. So we went in, coded it, and it won't let us actually lay the power down to activate it. What? Yea..... so right now we're looking at just using the GDI power with half the time. This still gives the player the bonus of being able to gather information quicker than any other player on the board if at a different rate (originally this power was going to be useable on the global scale every 3 minutes, now you can use the GDI power every 60 seconds).

So what do you think? Did we make acceptable sacrifices in these ideas to get the overall effect we wanted or is it not enough/too much? Feel free to post a responce!


Kht Commander said...

I think it sound fine. Besides it sounds like we have to take it. When the coding itself works against you you have to take what you can get.

Alan said...

Sounds great to me.
Can't wait to test it and see the progress