Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xenoforce : The Original 3 - Why do we bother?

So we've started work back up on the mod and are currently modifying more things with the original 3 armies. To Doug and myself it makes perfect since to work on these factions as not only are they important to our game they are useful tools to help us learn more coding wise and continue to push our limits. However it appears there are two camps out there about this aspect of our mod.

Camp 1 asks "why are you wasting time on these armies when you could be adding in more Gundam/Robotech stuff"? Camp 2 asks "why hasn't the O3 mod been updated to the latest version thats in the last release for Xeno-Reborn?

I'll answer the second question first, the Xenoforce : O3 mod came about because someone asked for us to release just the modifications that we've made with just the original 3 armies and we agreed. It was a simple thing to do, and it caused no trouble. However the O3 is not our main focus, the Reborn mod is. As such updating the old O3 to the latest update would be an incremental update at best and honestly not worth the time.

That does not mean we're going to ignore the O3, far from it. I'm currently working on the O3 mod now as we agree that more needs to be done to polish up some aspects of the forces. GDI needs a resource modification added in as well as moving their Super-power designs around a bit, NOD's Avatars and Liquid Tiberium Bomb need work (currently working on the 10-stage LTB now, so far it's much more impressive than before and I'm only on stage 5). Finally the Scrin have a fatal flaw in their current design and are getting a makeover. This flaw is the fact that in every other force their units tell their story but the Scrins don't. The reason for this is that the old Scrin story was (to put it lightly) crap and we've gone ahead and changed it to our own needs. This in turn requires us to change the way many units work to fit the story that they now play a part in.

Which brings me to our first question, why do we waste time working on these forces? I don't see it as wasting time and neither does Doug. I learn more working on the O3 forces than I do working on new forces. Turning a Projectile into an autonomous unit? Learned that from the O3. Adding in a "shield emmiter that activates when an enemy comes near to protect everything in its area of effect?" O3 (yea, thats a defense for SEED)

See, just because we're not working on adding things to new factions at the moment doesn't mean we're not working on stuff. We really are, and I think in the end it will make a better game than if we simply took the original 3 out. If nothing else, you know you like crushing NOD buggies with your Super Gundams right?


Alan said...

Oh it is fun crushing nod buggies anything that you guys do to make the mod better makes me happy take all the time you need I'm sure we are all happy to see you guys working.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy name "UltraKiroXei" can handle theses new ideas for O3 factions, and the others were need to be unlimited and full faction from mecha fans instead of taken it out.

Azuza K said...

Um, what? Seriously, what?

Lets break what you said down into two sections.

The first part about Ultrakiroxei, he's a fan of the mod that gives us feedback on things. The only ideas I've seen from him were "give GDI a space ship" and "give NOD a space ship". I've not seen any other ideas of his on the mod, so why would I give development of the O3 over to him when the only two ideas I have seen I didn't like.

As for the second half of your statment, "and the others were need to be unlimited and full faction from mecha fans instead of taken it out." that doesn't make any since to me, could you rephrase the comment? What others are you referring to? What needs to be unlimited? It just doesn't make since to me.

Anonymous said...

Huh, you really didn't know about "UltraKiroXei" much, but I can actually tell. He is used to be a modeler with Google Sketch-up, and he tries to practice on 3DS Max 9 with formatting. He also really makes a lot of O3 factions unique units without commenting.

For the Full Factions, UltraKiro and me were listing out the full factions units for O3 EF UC, Seed, and AW, Zeon UC, Seed(ZAFT), REDF, Invid/invaders, and the NUN Macrosss. We were still trying to focus on the O3 and Macross units for the Tiberium and Macross fans.

Azuza K said...

Ok, you guys are making your own mod then? I'm sorry that I don't know much about the guy, he seems like a good guy and all I just want you to understand that Doug and I have a vision for where the mod is going. Some of his ideas I kind of like, like adding an EMP effect to the Guardian Artillery Cannons. Others I just don't quite get, like adding spacecraft to NOD. The CNC engine just isn't designed to handle large ships very well, a fact that we are constantly fighting with as we try to add these massive things into the mod.

We decided a long time ago that anything that got added into the mod MUST have a reason other than "it would be cool to do this". I'm not trying to sound negative about any suggestions that Ultra or you are offering, I'm just saying that from the little he's shown me I can't see it fitting into the Xenoforce Reborn mod.

This could be our fault as well, as we've asked for ideas but we have not given any context for how we want the ideas or how they would play out with our story. I'm trying to rectifiy this right now with us doing more work on the O3, starting with the Scrin I am going to be putting out their history, how they work and function, and why they are such a great threat to not only Earth but the many different dimensions that they have "infected".

If you've ever looked at a warhammer 40k Codex then you will have an idea of what I am getting together for a release.

Anonymous said...

We are not like making our own mods. We are just helping you guys out. Its just simple like we can put this in whether the idea would fit to the mod or not. Until we are out of ideas, we can leave it for anyone who have anything to say for the mod.