Sunday, October 4, 2009

EF and Base Design

So I was having trouble comming up with an economic design for the EF.  Both the Macross and Zeon sides economy works well in my opinion.  But the EF seemed, well, to be at a major disadvantage.  Having a limiting number of buildings that produces resources seemed to stagnent them, and seriously be a major disadvantage.

Then I thought, why not figure out a way to have the amount of cash comming in be based off of the size of your base?  The bigger the base, the more money.  Seemed to make since to me.  So, there you have it.

The way it will work for the EF is simple.  All base structures (other than base defense and power plants) will produce 100 resources every 10 seconds.  (Not counting the actual resource deploy point.  This one produces 1000 every 30 seconds, making it much more valuble but you can only make a few of these).  So the bigger your base, the more money incoming, the harder it is to defend.  It seems to work well for now.  Hopefully this will work thoughout the design, we will see.

Any thoughts?

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