Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few pics

Just wanted to post a few pics of the EF in action.  This isn't much, their side only has a few buildings and a couple of units (no Mobile Suits yet, that's the next thing I will be putting in after base defenses) but it shows how the early EF game will play.

One of the defensive structures that the EF will have right from the beginning is a long range radar system.  This building will be how the EF's radar comes on line.  It will also serve as their primary bunker (you could always just use the riflemens dig in ability but I find a structure that gernaders can't just destroy works better in the long run).  So this will become a very important building.  However, it is a little on the expensive side on top of having a decent build time and a huge power draw.  I find a mix of the 2 types of barraks works well so far vrs. the GDI on medium difficulty.

I must point out that some of the units in the game were pulled directly from the GDI that will be on the EF side.  I just don't see a point in putting another rifle infantry unit into the game when the one that's already there will do just fine.  Same with the APC unit.  I will in the end modify them to make them different than the GDI's, but in the early release the units will stay the same as the first public release will be a proof-of-concept of the Mod.

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