Sunday, October 11, 2009

A few more pics

I have a few more pics I'd like to show you all, these 2 pics show everything that is in the EF faction up to this moment minus the Earth Federation Assault Tank (and the generic GDI APC).

I am personally very happy with getting the White Base into the game.  Unlike all of the other units in the game, the White Base is deployed as a structure and then has to be told to "Lift Off" to get back into the air to move.  While on the ground (or landed) it has higher defenses and the ability to self repair, While in the air it obviously can move.  I am going to set it up also that the White Base can transport 3 Mobile Suits at a time, giving it a better feel for what the White Base is.  Also, while landed the White Base will produce a "Build Radius" around it letting you use it as a forward deployment zone.  Build it, move it to a good defendable position, land it, build some defenses, then take back off.  

Comments are appreciated.

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Joshua said...

About the only thing I'd really ask is if the White Base has a cool-down on landing and take off; like, a few seconds for it to settle in/get off? Is it vulnerable to attack during transition?