Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Update

Yes, I know that this Saturdays update is technically being done on Sunday but it's 30 minutes late, give me a break?  I've been working on the White Base, and I think I've come up with a good way of using it in the game without making it feel like just another super powerful unit flying around.

My idea is based around making it Garrisonable.  Now, in the game engine you can set the game up so that when a unit is inside of a building it uses a different weapon than when it's not.  Why this is I don't know, but hey I won't complain.  My idea is that with the White Base the unit will have 4 Garrison slots.  This will let the player add up to basically 4 different weapon systems to the unit.  You can pick all 4 of the same type if you want, or mix and match as you choose.  How it will work is I plan on having 4 different types of infantry units that you can purchase from the Space Relay Station (the building that lets you get the White Base).  Each type of infantry will do something different that will let the owner of the White Base customize it.  There will be the Riflemen that adds to the anti-infantry abilities of the White Base, the RPG Speciltists who will add to it's anti-vehical abilities, the Engineers who will allow the White Base to fire EMP-Rockets, and finally the Sniper who will give the White Base a long-range, powerful, but slow firing artillery type shot.  

Tell me what your thoughts are if you have any on this idea.  I like it, but personally I am thinking I may drop it instead and give it to the Macross Side.  I think it will fit their play style better than the EF's.  

Also I am almost finished with the base defenses of the EF.  They have 4 different types of defenses now in the game, a Radar Bunker which grants an un-gernadable (by this I mean a single gernade won't kill the people inside) defense for infantry plus gives the EF it's radar, a stealthed underground turret system that is, well, stealthed until it fires, a fast firing SAM sight for anti-air that also detects stealthed units, and finally a long-range deployable beam based cannon system.  This one isn't in any of the pics yet, but it is in the game.  It works a lot like the NOD's defense turrets, but instead of deploying 3 cannons per power relay it only deploys 1.  This may sound like a bad thing, but the range it can deploy these cannons from the power relay is 3.5X grater than what NOD does.  This gives the EF player the ability to have a sort of early warning defense system in place that rebuilds itself as the enemy moves in as they can put the power relays back near the rest of the base defenses and the cannons themselfs out quite a distance.  Now the cannons are not that powerful and have a massive power draw, but if you put enough of them up and use them with the rest of the base defenses already avalible to you the EF can mount a very formitable defense that is very tough to beat. 

And at the very least, you will always know that the enemy is comming.  :) 

Later this week I will post some pics showing all the units in the game for the EF side and give a breif discription of what they all do and how they work together.  I hope to do this after I get the GM-79, GunCannon, and Gundam RX-78 into the game along with the Gundam Upgrade System up and running.  

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Joshua said...

Hay, shinaobi here. Just gotta say that I honestly feel like the White Base shouldn't really be all that combat effective; it should definitely be able to defend itself for a time, but this seems more to me like a levitating MARV.

And because I should have a reason for it, I will note the occasions on the TV show where the White Base was itself targeted; sure, it could knock some heads together, but they still had Amuro and the team around for a reason.

(Anyway; you have my support, and, if you're ever interested, don't be afraid to use me and my over-eager copy of C&C 3 to test things out >__>)