Friday, January 22, 2010

Alpha 02 out in the wild!

So here is a new version of the Alpha.  After a lot of play testing we decided to work the EF a different way based on your feedback, and even though I was the one who originally wanted the EF's tech tree to be the way it is in the original alpha, I can admit when I am wrong and say that this new design does make the game feel better.  

Unfortunatly this new Alpha (0.2) also feels a bit unpolished.  So please bear with us on this and remember that it is a proof of concept not a finalized total conversion mod.  Some things may not seem obvious at first but once you get to understand the new system it does work much better.  

If your playing multiplayer a key thing to note is do all you can NOT to lose your White Base.  If you do, your game will become VERY defensive until you can get another one up and running.  

Also I suggest playing against the AI on steamroller as this seems to give the biggest challenge to a player.  

Here is the link to the mod on Rapidshare.

We will post a mediafire link shortly.

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