Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whos up for some Alpha 03?

Yes, much MUCH sooner than I expected, we have the 3rd version of the alpha.  This version has a LOT of new changes and cleanups, and is pretty much a "finalized" version of the AC timeline so pay attention.

New Changes -

Added Barracks

Added Airfield

Added Core Booster support (buildable at Airfield)

Added Artillery based Defense Structure

Added Flamethrower Infantry for EF

Added Sniper Squad for EF

Added Prototype GunCannon 

Added Mass Production GunCannon

Added Spray-Missle Launcher upgrade to Prototype Guncannon

Added new Bunker Structure

Changes -

Removed the old Space Port (or whatever it was called) and changed it to an Advance Ship Research Center.

All units and structures now have proper pictures and discriptions.

Removed "Choose your Timeline" from Forward base and set it so when you research which capitol ship design you want to use you choose your timeline at the same time.

Removed glitch that let you choose more than 1 timeline at a time.

All units and structures now have proper requirements to build (except artillery platform)

Fixed the Health and Costs of defensive structuers

Changed so you can Que up to 5 defensive structures to be built at a time (you still have to place each one after it's done being built before it go's to the next one but this still does speed things up a bit)

Changed the Defense Center to be the building that builds defensive structures.

Weakened the basic EF Tank so that you can no longer spam them early to rush the AI.

I am sure there are a few things I have forgotten to mention here but that covers most of what has changed.  I still need to add a few more upgrades/abilities to GP03, and put the game finishers into the AC timeline (Nuke Site and a special surprise) but it is definatly almost done.  Then I can go to work on the SEED and UC timelines.  

Now here is the basic idea of how it works if you are having trouble figuring out how to get to the more advanced units.  After the Advance Center has been built you can chose which of the 3 ships you want to build.  Pick the Pegasus/White Base class (otherwise your stuck using early game units and it will be much harder for you atm) to be researched.  After this is done you have the ability to drop a single Pegasus Class Mobile Base anywhere you can see every 5 minutes as long as you can afford it (25000 is a lot of cash).  You will have to land it and then you can build the different Gundams, which in turn give you the different mobile suits.  

Anyways here are the links for Rapidshare and Mediafire and as always I appreciate all comments as they are what help us make the game better.

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