Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Earth Federation Alpha test is almost ready!

Wow, it seems like I have been working on this for a long time, but we're almost at an official alpha test!  The first 3rd of the Earth Federation's tech tree is now complete, and playable (though a lot of the stats still need to be worked out) and I think it's about time we put a version of the mod out there in the wild.

Some things are still not done.  None of the units have their new discriptions, which my make it a bit confusing to first time players as to what needs to be built for what.  I'm sure people will be able to figure it out though.

Here are a few teaser pics to show you where we are at.  I should have the full fledge alpha ready to release tommorow (Sunday, Jan 10, 2010), the only things I need to finish adding are the Arch Angel and Pegasus (which are the opening blocks to the next 2 tech trees) and we'll be ready to go!

A few things I did notice once having the system up and running was that even though this is only the first 3rd of the tech tree (half way through the EF's game Tech tree, you'll see what I mean when the next half is added in) it feels very much like a completed faction.  

Also, there are some things that are in the mod the way they are simply because I have not figured out a way to get them in the way I originally intended.  Spicificly the White Base, I didn't want it to be a ship that just "appears" when built but I'm having trouble with the "build up" animation.  We'll get there, and this is just a "Proof of Concept" version, no working AI, but it is fun and you should enjoy it.  I will be posting a link to the alpha tommorow, so keep your eyes open for it!

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Joshua said...

*cheers* Wheehoo!

And, I do have an idea for the White Base that might let you get around the "build up" issue; since it did some flying around in the show, maybe just have the thing pop up high, high above the viewing area and then float down to the spot where it was built.

Or something.


It sounded better in my head.