Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick Update

I know that my previous update today didn't have much info in it, so I thought I would throw a few things out.  I have gotten the upgrade system working now, with the RGX78 having the ability to research a beam weapon upgrade.  When it does this, not only does it's own weapon switch from the cannon to a stronger beam weapon but the RGM79's also switch over to beam weapons.  Also I changed the RGM79s to squads of 2 which seem to be working well against the current AI/Game, and I set it so that the RGM's can't crush objects (read infantry) just by running them over.  I found that by leaving the GMs to crush anything they run over that they would not only become very powerful vrs the game (Who loves infantry at most levels of the game) but that also it didn't play well to the lore.  The EF didn't run around in their Mobile suits just running people over, so yea.

Thats were we are at now.  By the end of the week I plan on having the first teir of the tech tree up and running for the EF, but the build times/costs/damage outputs/armor/health settings won't be correct.  That's going to be the tough part I think.

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