Monday, January 11, 2010

Known Issues with the Alpha Test

First of all, the test has only been out for a single day and I have already gotten some good feedback, thanks everyone.  

I just wanted to post a few known issues that keep rising up that I plan on fixing right away.

1. The Anti-Air turret doesn't have a good range.  It also fires all of it's missles too quickly at a single target and takes too long to lock onto a target.  This is painfully obvious against GDI where their Firehawks will continually destroy a base with little chance of a defense.  This will be addressed in the next release.

2. The "Capitol Ships" (White Base, Argama, ArcAngel) can not hit air.  This was an oversight on my part and it will be fixed.

3. The "Capitol Ships" all have basically the same weapons.  This was done at the end to just get them into the Alpha Release.  The White Base's weapons are "Correct" as far as it go's, but the ArcAngel and Argama are no where near where they should be in terms of abilities and firepower.  This will be fixed in the 2nd Alpha (not to be confused with the next release).

I plan on releasing a fixed version of Alpha1 later this week that has the issues above fixed.  The 2nd Alpha is a ways off and will have the finished tech tree for the Earth Fed in it.  

On a personal note, I do want to thank Homura for all of his hard, original work on this mod.  I feel it needs to be said that we have had no contact with anyone from the original Xenoforce team about this, but if it wasn't for what they did this would not be possible.  We do this only because we loved what he did and want to try and make the Xenoforce mod continue to live.

As always I appreciate all feedback.  The more I get the better this mod can be!  Thanks everyone, and enjoy.

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