Sunday, May 4, 2008

A little surprize!

And by little, I mean huge!  That's right, I've got one of the strongest ships in the Xenoforce:Zeon army now in the game.  May I present, the Musai.  Not only does this thing pack a serious punch and not only can it produce it's own units (at the moment it's producing ground units but I plan on changing it so that the Musai makes the Zeon air units) but it's able to withstand one hell of a punch.  Anything short of a direct nuculer hit won't stop this baby.  

Now I still have a few bugs to work out on it, the whole I'm a structure but I move thing is kinda tricky but it's pretty nice looking right now I think.  I may set it up so that it's either in production mode or in movement mode, what do you think?

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