Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Double our pleasure? Double their destruction! Doublement GUM!

And by double I mean Double the new units for Zeon in the game as of May 6, 2008 at 5:30 in the morning!  Lets start with something that I tried out and decidedly like, a change in the way the game makes units.  In the old Xenoforce mod all of the land based mecha were built from the War Factory.  That's soooo old school isn't it?  As the actual goal of this mod is to have a more balanced AND more realistic display of the forces that are in it a change has been made.

Lets start with the why.  As I was adding the new units into the game I noticed something.  About 80% of the units that made up the Zeon forces were designed and built by 2 companies.  As it makes no sence to me that 2 competing companines would use the same war factory to build their units I decided to split it up a bit.  So now we have the Zeonic War Factory and the Zimmad War Factory.  The Zeonic factory makes the Zaku 2, Gouf, Kampfer, and Xamel where the Zimmad makes the Dom, Gogg, HyGogg, and ZGok.  Now before pureist's send me hate-mail about how the Xamel and ZGok weren't made by those companies I know this but I wasn't going to force players to build a single factory to make a single unit, and as the ZGok was a amphibious unit like the Gogg and HyGogg I thought it made a great fit to the Zimmad's line of mobile suits.  

Oh, and all of those units that I named are in the game working too!  Thats right, we went from Zaku2, Gouf, Musai, and Dom to Zaku2, Gouf, Musai, Dom, Kampfer, Xamel, Gogg, HyGogg, and ZGok in a single day!  Don't get your hopes up, this isn't going to happen often.  I'm just trying to prove something (mostly to myself) and am working like a mad-man on getting everything of Zeon's IN the game ASAP.   After this I plan on taking a bit of a well deserved break.  

In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of those units in action (there's no pic of the Gogg, sorry it was an oversight maybe tommorow?) and you'll just have to wait and see what I have planned to have done by tommorow night!  

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