Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Enough of this small stuff, bring on the BIG guns!

Tonight instead of doing the normal thing of pics of the Zeon Army in action I decided to do a pic of each of the mobile suits that I have in the game.  Kind of a group photo thing for the little guys.  We have the Kampfer, Xamel, Zaku-2, and Gouf in the first pic, followd by the Dom, Goog, HyGoog, and Ace Z'Gok.  

Then we move on to the Air Units of the Zeon Army.  We have the Gerbera, a highly advanced and rare mobile suit next to Haman Karns Qubeley.  Both are great mobile suits and sure pack a nasty punch.  And last but definatly not least is my favorite unit of the Zeon Army, the Neiu Zeal!  One of these shows up and you win, simple as that!  Granted it's not too fair as the GDI and NOD don't have anything remotly close to the power that the Zeil offers but still it's a sick and happy thing to see it fly in and steamroll the competition.  

The final pic is a wallpaper-screen shot of the Zeil getting the drop on some enemy units.  Notice the 2 HyGoggs in the pic?  Yep, those weren't mine.  The AI is already grabbing the Zeon units and using them!  Good thing I got to the Zeil before it did!

Tommorow night I plan on putting the Nightingale and Gwazine Class cruiser in, along with the Zeon Power Plant and Troop Barracks.  Then it's a matter of moving on to "unit cleanup" and AI usage and off to the Earth Federation Army.  The plan is to have the Zeon army 100% done by the 13th, making it a 1 month project.

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