Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Gouf, it LIVES!

So I made the chioce and decided to only make updates when there is something important to update about.  And this is definatly something important, at least to me!  I bring you, the Gouf Custom!  

Yes, yes, it's all pretty but what can it do you ask?  Well, besides being just as heavily armored as a Gundam, and besides being equipped with a 75mm gattling gun, it looks good while doing all of this too.  

Also, I finished the Zeon Propaganda Center.  As of right now it only does one thing but it's a very important thing if you wish to have a self reliant base.  It produces
cold, hard cash!  Every 20 seconds you get a nice deposit of 1500$, and with enough of them you
can be come quite self sufficent.   All and all, not bad for a few days work.

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