Monday, May 5, 2008

More Toys for the Zeon Army? Hell yea!

First off I'd like to say that there has been a slight change in plans.  The Musai will not, I repeat, will NOT be building units in the game.  Upon further review of, well, what the Musai actually is it occurs to me that, by gosh, the Musai was only a carrier ship for Zakus.  Would it make since then to have it build super-units and air units?  Hell no.  So, the Musai has been demoted to just super-awsome battle cruiser.  I plan on making it be able to spawn out 3 Zakus giving it the feel of what it was supposed to be.  Also, I added missle launchers to it so that it will fire off a volly of 10 missles at air and ground units as it didn't make much since to me that it would be firing off those massive beam cannons at fast moving air units.  Works well so far.  :)  Also, you'll notice in the pics that one of the Musai's took some serious damage.  Looks great in the game.

Also, if you look at the pictures you'll notice the new toy that my post title mentions.  Yes, thats the Dom folks.  It's cheaper than a Gouf and packs one hell of a punch with it's 280MM rocket launcher.  It really compliments a detachment of Zaku's and Goufs.

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